La Habra 300 Bowl Summer League Start Dates



Golden Awards 1:00pm Meets 4/25 Starts 5/2

Elks Lodge 6:30pm Meets 5/9 Starts 5/9

Adult/Junior 6:30pm Meets 5/23 Starts 6/6



Friendly Seniors 12:50pm Meets 5/10 Starts 5/10

Guys & Dolls 6:15pm Meets 4/18 Starts 4/19



Silver Foxes 1:00pm Meets 4/27 Starts 5/4

Pin Pals 4:00pm Meets 4/27 Starts 4/27

La Habra Doubles TBD



Early Birds 9:30am Meets 5/12 Starts 5/12

Sunset Rollers 12:50pm Meets 5/12 Starts 5/12

Frank’s Gold Cup 6:45pm Meets 4/27 Starts 4/28



Senior No Tap Tournament 10:00am (Continuous)

Vegas Gamblers 6:30pm Meets 4/15 Starts 4/29



Youth Leagues (Ages 4-19) 9:45am Meets 5/7 Starts 5/7

Incredibowlers 9:45am (Continuous)



Summer Rollers 5:15pm Meets 6/12 Starts 6/12

Wally’s Vegas 7:00pm Meets 2/14 Starts 2/14

 If you want to join any of our leagues mid-season, please contact our League Coordinator, Ed Saleh (562) 691-6721

We have leagues every day of the week, for every age and skill! Contact us at (562) 691-6721 to find out more information!

If you have a league that you would like to bring over to our facility, we offer very competitive lineage rates! 

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